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Our story

Starfish Ministries, based on the familiar Starfish story, began when a retired mother saw a great need among those on the streets and had a desired to reach out to the homeless of Harrisburg. Monthly we distribute daily needs, but more importantly, we look for the "ones" with whom we can "make a difference." With love, respect and encouragement, we build relationships and connect them with various agencies to bring them from homelessness to independence. As paralleled in the Starfish Story, one by one, this is our goal.

what we do

On the second Sunday of each month, Starfish Ministries is on the streets of Harrisburg handing out basic needs items to the homeless. We have grown from two people handing out water on a hot day, to dozens of items, collected, organized and distributed by an expanding group of committed individuals and whole families. Our volunteers are now serving as many as one hundred homeless people, just in our city. Thanks to the overwhelming generosity of so many, we are blessed with continually growing donations!

Our vision

BEFORE we enjoy another upscale meal...

BEFORE we redecorate our spacious home...

BEFORE we buy ourselves another pair of shoes...


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